Upcoming Events

Summer League
Bowling 8 total nights every other Wednesday night starting May 18th @ 7pm keep your game sharp over the summer!  Each week is $20 and that includes 4 games of bowling, a nightly prize fund, and a season long prize fund.  Each week will have individual scoring and a different side event as well.  Also bowlers will bowl on a different lane pattern each week.  Bowl any or all 8 nights.  The more you bowl the opportunity to win $$$$$!!!!
Lane Pattern & Nightly Event Schedule:
Meeting #1 - Pattern: Garden Center Tournament Pattern     Side Event: Doubles Event By Random Draw
Meeting #2 - Pattern: Cedarvale House Shot     Side Event: Singles Event Using Your Best 3 of 4 Games
Meeting #3 - Pattern: Kegel Pattern Main Street     Side Event: 4 Person Team Event - Pick 3 other bowlers to make your 4 person team
Meeting #4 - Pattern: 2016 USBC Women's Championship Pattern     Side Event: Blind Draw Doubles   - Draw for your partner after game 3
Meeting #5 - Pattern: Kegel Pattern Stonehenge     Side Event: Eliminator - Low half of the scores from each game eliminated
Meeting #6 - Pattern: Kegel Pattern Sunset Strip     Side Event: Doubles Event - Pick your partner
Meeting #7 - Pattern: Kegel Pattern Chichen Itza     Side Event: Singles Event using all 4 games
Meeting #8 - Pattern: 2015 USBC Open Team Pattern     Side Event: Best Frame Doubles & Year End Shootout

Open Bowling
Garden Center has open bowling available 7 days a week.  Make sure to check out the Summer Bowling Pass.  On sale for just $34.95 per person bowl as many games as you would like starting June 1st through August 31st!  Please call 320-763-6565 for lane availability and times.