79th Annual Garden Center Tournament

With Garden Center Lanes hosting the 2018 MN Open State Tournament the 79th Annual Garden Center Tournament will be running mid-October through January.  The 79th Annual is now under way.  Book your spots today and get a State Tournament "warm-up" weekend in!  The 79th tournament will have the LeRoy Meyer clean set jackpot and with it not going out in the 78th annual tourney it will carry over and begin at $384!  Just $5 per event to enter for your chance to win the LeRoy Meyer clean set jackpot  Posters, entry blanks, and the tournament pattern are below.  Make sure to get your reservations for the 79th Annual tourney by calling 320-763-6565.    

2017 Annual Garden Center Women's Tournament

With leagues under way it means it is time to make plans for the Annual Garden Center Women's Tournament.  With Garden Center hosting the 2018 MN Open State Tournament the Women's Annual Tournament and the 79th Annual Garden Center Tournament will be running side by side!  Posters, entry blanks, and rules are below.  Get your team of ladies together, book your stay right next door at the Hampton Inn & Suites, and have a fun bowling weekend while competing in the Annual Garden Center Women's Tournament.  NOW taking reservations, call 320-763-6565 to book your spots today.  For final pay out and results from the 2016 tourney CLICK HERE.



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Looking for a place to stay while bowling in Alexandria?  Click on the link above for a list of our lodging sponsors.

2017 Midwest Youth Championship August 11th-13th.
The 2nd Annual Midwest Youth Championship is now complete!  THANK YOU to all the participated in any of the 3 events.  Each event had a drastic increase in numbers this year and the main tournament over doubled in entries with over 200 entries this year!  Check out the stepladder finals for each division at NDbowling.com.  Congratulations to the winners and congratulations to Caleb Baker for shooting 300 in the Pro-AM tournament.  Results from each division are below.
Click here for Midwest Youth Entry Flier                                 Click here for 2017 MW Youth Lane Pattern
Click here for Adult/Youth Entry Flier
Click here for Pro-Am Entry Flier
Boys Open Girls Open Handicap Division
1st - Brent Boho - $5,000 1st - Rebecca Broerman - $4,000 1st - Evan Caskey - $2,500
2nd - Korey Balbach - $3,500 2nd - Destiny Truly - $2,500 2nd - Calaeb Sapa - $1,500
3rd - Cooper Tate - $2,500 3rd - Hailey Triske - $500 3rd - Dylan Nelson - $500
4th - Caleb Baker - $1,500    
5th - Ethan Tepley - $1,000    

Adult/Youth Doubles Pro-Am Adult Pro-Am Youth
1st - R. & J. Kyllonen - 1470 - $750 1st - Brandon Brown - 1340 - $750 1st - Caleb Baker - 1508 - $750
2nd - J. & N. Runningen - 1424 - $500 2nd - Mike Almer - 1336 - $500 2nd - Anthony Hotakinen - 1392 - $500
3rd - M. Roers & M. Meyer - 1416 - $187.50   3rd - Calaeb Sapa - 1388 - $200
3rd - E. Nelson & K. Gronli - 1416 - $187.50    

Sun Opta Handicap Sweeper

114 bowlers for the 6th Annual SunOpta Sweeper and Noah Nissen topped them all for the win to take home $1200!  Caleb Baker was this year's Runner-up and Chelsey Klimek took 3rd.  This year the tournament raised over $3400 to donate to the local Out Reach Food Shelf, bringing the 6 year total to over $16,000!  Thank you bowlers and especially our sponors for your great support of this tournament and the food shelf.  For the lane oil pattern info click here!